Terms & Conditions

Booking & Payment

  • Bookings are only finalized when a deposit is paid prior to date stipulated on your invoice.
  • A deposit is required at the time of making the booking.
  • A Deposit will only be refunded if a booking is cancelled 21 days or more prior to the booking date.
  • Final Payment must be made 14 days prior to delivery, failure to do so will result in the soft play not being delivered.

Use of Equipment

  • The equipment is designed for children up to 4 years old and must not be used by adults.
  • Please also ensure that you book a package big enough for your party.
  • Each package must be used according to the amount of toddles stipulated, and not more as this may lead to injuries.
  • Avoid the equipment from getting too hot in the sun, as children may burn when playing on the hot equipment.
  • It is the hirer's full responsibility to make sure equipment is not too hot as you will not be refunded due to equipment not used due to it being too hot.
  • In the event of rain, ALL soft play equipment must be covered or taken indoors during the event and thereafter until collection of the equipment. We, therefore, suggest that the equipment is set up in the shade, under a gazebo or in a shelter.

Damages & Repairs

  • The equipment is costly and the full replacement or repair value of the damaged pieces will be charged to the hirer if there is any damage due to miss use of our products.
  • It's the responsibility of the hirer to supervise all children whilst using Busy Body Soft Play Hire's equipment.
  • IMPORTANT No paint, pencils, crayons, playdoh, cool drink, bubblegum, food or any other substances allowed on or near the equipment.


  • Busy Body Soft Play Hire does not take account of any injuries and all equipment is used at own risk. Adult supervision should always be present!
  • Please ensure children do not play on the equipment whilst it is being set up/cleared away.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All our packages and equipment are charged for a party rental of up to 4 hours. Our collection times for rental equipment are as follows: Jan - May = 18:00 ; Jun - Oct = 17:30 and Nov - Dec = 18:00. For further arrangements, call us on 074 573 09 30.
  • The Equipment is clean when delivered, please ensure that the equipment is clean before it is collected.